We offer only the best logistic solutions

LOGIMAX – MAXimum room in LOGIstics

Logimax Polska is a production, consulting and commercial company in the area of logistics and storage. We offer storage and transport products. We also perform logistics audits with implementation of developed concepts.


We carry out arrangement of storage and production room. We can optimize new or existing warehouses so that they have maximum fluency, volume and effectiveness.

In our projects of warehouses’ optimization we use equipment from our offer and equipment owned by the client.

Our motto: Logimax – maximum space in logistics.

The effectiveness of a warehouse influences the costs that the warehouse generates. Increasing the speed of operation has impact on cost reduction.

Using our products in a warehouse increases its effectiveness through ordering goods, increasing its availability and increasing the number of stored loads.

We also offer you a logistics audit, which is evaluation of the conditions of the company’s logistics or a particular area, e.g. distribution, warehouse or production. The logistics audit allows to diagnose problems in the evaluated area.